Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bad Kids

Oh what a magical week. I forgot that I live here in Taiwan. It felt like vacation. On Wednesday morning we took a train up to Taipei to meet up with, well, actually meet some girls I had been introduced to via Facebook and other friends we all know. We were very lucky because the tickets some random man sold us got in 5 minutes before the others. Everything went so perfectly and smoothly. I know I've traveled a lot, but anything that could cause possible drama (such as getting lost and never finding the other girls, because they are phone-less) gives me so much stress. But everything was awesome. Our little trip consisted of walking, eating, laughing, and shopping, over and over again. After everything I consumed this week I was shocked to find myself hungry this morning. Last night as Ashley and I were biking home from the train station I told her that I would probably never eat again. I  loved Taipei, but I was more than pleased to return to our little Hualien. I overheard Ashley telling her mom today that there are 23 million people in Taiwan, and like 21 million of them were in Taipei this weekend. She speaks the truth!
I think I like Chinese New Year more than normal New Years. Yep. I do.

Sometimes Chinese New Year makes you think you're in a war zone.