Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So sometimes my dad seems less than excited about the things I have planned in my life, and even though they change almost on a daily basis, he listens all the same.  He wasn't especially thrilled when I told him I wanted to go to Africa, mostly because I wasn't able to completely fund myself, but it worked itself out.  But I know that he is always just as excited for me as I am for all the things my life has brought me.

Today I was thinking of one of the times he actually showed it.  I had been in Uganda for a couple days, and I had not been able to call my parents yet, we were walking back to our house in the dark when one of the country directors finally let me use the phone to call home. My mom didn't answer, obviously, so I called my dad. He answered, "This is Ken." I practically yelled, "DAD! HI!" and do you wanna know what he said when it registered that it was me?  I will tell you, he said "HI! Kamille! (laughter) You're in AFRICA!"

That one phrase right there showed me that he had the same feelings I had, I was in AFRICA for crying out loud.  I had only dreamed and thought nothing of that for almost two years, and I actually made it. This is sort of a secret, but when I was gone, he was the one I missed the most.  Luckily for me we are flying to New York (so it didn't work out last week, but it's happening) tomorrow to pick up that car, and drive it all.the.way. home. It's gonna be a lond couple of days, but it will be good.  He's a pretty cool guy.

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