Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Surprise, Surprise

dear cute boy,

it's been two years and at 11:11 sometimes i still wish i will run into you today.

love, kamille

dear high school crush,

yep, still crushin.

love, kamille

dear institute boy,

don't sing in spanish. this is america. and find your scriptures, because i'm sick of sharing mine.

love, kamille (and i know you know my name, you don't need to ask EVERY DAY)

dear boy from freshman year,

i saw you blush when i smiled at you yesterday, it was cute. stop being so shy and talk to me. ok?

love, kamille

dear justin,

when we get married and they write a book on our life together, it will be entitled Beauty and the Biebs. I can't wait to be one less lonely girl.

love, kamille


  1. I loved everything about this, then I got to the JB post and I DIED of love and joy and happiness. BEST dear boys ever.

    P.s. Beauty and the Beibs? Hilarious.

  2. beauty and the biebs is basically my favorite ever. :)
    my cousin just sent me a signed photo of him and i fangirled way too loudly.

  3. You are so funny! pretty sure i can identify every male this is referring to ha ha