Friday, August 26, 2011

Stereo Hearts

Heidi: 60 pieces of gum. You seriously need a 60 pack of gum?
Becca: For my chewing habits this is the best for my wallet.

Becca: I feel like jail would be fun if you were there with me.

Heidi: They don't sprinkle the woodchips duh.

Becca: That bench looks like cardboard. I feel like I could construct one on my own.

Heidi: Hmmm. Maybe I didn't think that one out.

Becca: That car looks like an oreo. I bet they call it "oreo." Good bye oreo.

Heidi: Oh no, I just spilled your gum. Jessica, there might be 60 pieces of gum in your car.

Becca: STOP and run through those sprinklers.
The rest of us: NOO!

Heidi: How did the crazy person run through the woods? He went down the psycho-path. (preceeds to laugh hysterically)

Becca: Heidi and I have a close relationship, but the only thing different between her and my boyfriend is that we don't make out. Which makes it VERY different.
Heidi: Yeah, that'd be weird.

Heidi (in between laughs): Jessica, it feels so funny when you hiccup. Your stomach goes up and down. And I can feel it because you are laying on my arm. And it just feels so funny, because you are on my arm, and I can feel it...
Becca: JESSICA, go drink water, NOW.

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