Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Own Thoughts

So, I have this dream. Well I have lots of dreams, both dreams while I'm asleep, and dreams while I'm awake. There are two dreams I can't seem to shake, one of them is noneyobidness, and the other we are going to talk about. Maybe it will help me either move on, or move forward. So, let's precede and talk about it.

Sometimes I wish I was a writer (I'm not sure what kind of writer, there are plenty that would work in this scenario) and lived in California. Like in Hollywood (we know how I love me some celebrity gossip). I would write cool things, know cooler people (cough JB cough cough). I would even go to these nice parties on yachts. And I know exactly what dress I would wear (if you'd like to see it, send me a text and I will send it to you because I have been obsessed for months). And I would be witty, and beautiful, and entertaining, and awesome, and have tons of amazing clothes (you have to when you're part of Hollywood, obviously).

And then I realize this will probably always be a dream, because it's not really the dream I want for myself. I want to spend the next few years finishing school, traveling, finding a job I like, I dunno, maybe marrying a cute boy (gasp!). I know that sounds boring compared to yacht parties in fabulous dresses, but it is what I want, as much as I say I'm not getting married, it could happen. And I know that it will be BETTER than any yacht party with famous people with large egos.

Seriously, text me and I will show you the dress, it is awesome.

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