Monday, August 1, 2011


Some things I hate:
I hate when Dobby dies, I cry every or book, it doesn't matter.
I hate when all the Nutella is gone.
I hate when I miss Africa.
I hate when I realize I have very low funds.
I hate when my feet get a little smelly (it happens, get over it)
I hate when I accidentally walk into the Gay Club office.
I hate when I want french fries so badly but I'm too lazy to go get some.
I hate when my dad wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me he's taking my mommy to the E.R.

Get better Mom!!


  1. #1 I hope you mom is alright.
    #2 I love when you walk into the gay club office.

  2. Oh!!! I do hope your mom is ok.
    I'm glad I was home when you walked into the Gay Club office, and I heard all about it :)

  3. i hope your mom gets better. that's always scary!! i'll be thinking of her and you