Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Siesta Anyone?

A friend of mine returned from his mission last week, and as customary, he had a "homecoming" thing. I slept right through it. I have been having a really hard time falling asleep lately, and then I have really weird dreams. Anyway, I slept through it, and I had already not been 100% sure if I was going to attend or not. I woke up, went to the single's ward, talked to some kids I went to Jr. High with and hadn't seen in like 5 1/2 years, yeah, I didn't realize I was that old until I just typed that.
After church I got in the car and looked at my phone, there was a text from my BFF Lizzie, asking if I had gone to the homecoming. I replied that I had not. She then asked me if I wanted to go with her and our other buddy McKell to see him, " now-ish?" So we went.
It was 2:30 in the afternoon, and yes, the homecoming was at 9, but the homecomings I've been to people are there for most of the day. We pulled onto the street, and there were no cars, we thought that was a little weird, but we decided we would go in anyway, say a quick "sorry we missed your talk, we just wanted to see you and say hi real quick." We walked to the door, and no lights were on, maybe they're down watching a movie or something, we thought. We knocked on the door.
Maybe they can't hear us, we thought. So we rang the doorbell.
Once again, nothing.
The dog came running to the door, followed by the father in sweats, looking a little sleepy. He answered the door, we apologized, explained that we couldn't make it earlier, and asked if they were all asleep. No, no, he said (clearly trying not to hurt our feelings) we're not asleep, but Will is, come on in and I'll go wake him up. NO! we all whispered screamed (it's a real thing) we'll just come another time. Will would love to see you, the father said, he's just napping right now. We're very sorry to bother you, we kept saying over and over, still saying it as we walked down the driveway.
Maybe we should've called first....or woken up on time.

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