Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Have A Problem

There is this thing that happens to me. ALL THE TIME. Seriously, though. In fact, it happened to me twice this week. You know how sometimes there is a large gap between times you see someone? And the last time you saw them, or stalked their FB they were dating someone...
So then you see them, you talk about finals, or whatever is going on currently, and then you say something like, "Hey, I was on Facebook and there were some pictures of you and that girl you're dating and I just think I should tell you that you two are really cute together," or, "So, how are things with (insert name here)?"
To this they respond, "Oh, we're not together anymore," or, "Things ended for good last night." Then they try to smile to ensure that I don't feel bad for bringing it up. But in fact, I do, I feel really bad. And this always happens within 24 hours of a relationship ending. And you know what, I do feel horrible. I think I'm just going to stop asking people about their love lives.

Also, if you or anyone I know, or even if I don't know them, break up with someone, please warn me, this is the best possible solution I can come up with to solve this problem. You can contact me via comment, FB, or a simple text message. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha Kamille, you know this doesn't apply to us, right?? We talk about anything, anytime, relationship or no relationship--hear? :)