Tuesday, December 14, 2010


While trying to write a HUGE paper for my Rhetoric class, I was researching something called carnival. It's a form of language, a freedom language theory, studied by Bakhtin. An article suggested that while speaking, we all take roles, just like actors. And then it talked about how actors "mask" themselves, and that discourages us from seeing who they really are.
This made me think of an issue I had last February. I had seen Valentine's Day with my mom, I'm a large Asthon Kutcher fan, and we were talking about it on the drive home. She was talking about how she thought Taylor Swift had donw a pretty good job, and I had argued that she had just bugged me (but I do listen to her music a lot, so don't think I'm a hater), I just didn't like her acting. And that was it, I didn't like her as an actress.
All we ever see her as is a singer, or in interviews, and we think we have a pretty good idea of what her personality is like. So when she is ACTING, pretending to be a fictional character, we are seeing her as something totally different, and it catches us off-guard.
I have met many pro-athletes in my day, but I have not met any actors or major celebrities. I wonder what it would be like, I don't even know what to expect, how would I even act? I don't even know. It would be a total surprise, I wonder if that will ever happen...? And if it does, I hope that it would be Adam Brody, or Penn Badgley, that would be fantastic. Can anyone hook me up?? huh??


  1. A friend of mine met Carrie Underwood. She said that Carrie was the sweetest person and was really nice to her even though she was acting so starstruck. She even hugged her.

  2. I met Taylor Swifts cousin, Matt. I could possibly hook you up...