Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seasoned Travelers

So you'd think after 15+ years of decent traveling my parents would be ok taking on Europe for two weeks.

Think again.

My mother was freaking out. Almost on the verge of hyperventallation. She was feeling so unorganized, and was going to miss us a lot.

They left yesterday morning for Germany via Atlanta...my parents have the worst luck in Atlanta. Once in air on their way out of the U.S., the engine had some problems and they had to land in Nova Scotia. Not quite Germany, but they were stuck there for the day, so hopefully they've made it onto a flight to Germany by now!

I heard of a dramatic panic attack by my mom, and some tears over missing the town she most wanted to go to...but this resulted in a promise made by my dad, one he'll probably regret.

He promised my mom a family trip (that means I will not be left in Logan) back to Germany, through the Alps, ending in Lake Como, Italy. And we will not let him forget this, he probably doesn't realize this is now on our list of places to go this summer, and we will make it happen. When it comes to traveling, we will not let him get away with no trip. Should we remember the Australia/New Zealand promise from 2003??

That one I personally did not forget, and it was so worth it.

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