Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well. Pretty much I worked all summer, and here are some things that happened to me.
  • picking up orders from gay men once a week
  • falling into the bushes
  • driving down 2100 S. around 10:30 to see the man in full tribal wear
  • scaring the boss
  • opening the bathroom door, wind picking up my map, map falling directly into the toilet (it really happened)
  • driving to provo 2+ times a week
  • recieving a "good luck" cake
  • finding prizes (aka used band-aids, key chains, razor blades, freaky chinese bugs) in the boxes of envelopes from china
  • my hands turning blue from said envelopes
  • trying to rid of old mexican man at mickey d's wanting to see me again
  • unusually large amounts of asians on roads occasionally

Now you're all wishing you had my job right?

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