Friday, October 5, 2012


After one heck of an overnight bus ride, we made it to Bangkok. Let me tell you a little about this bus ride. I'm pretty sure the men in the seats in front of us were homeless. But they were really nice. The driver went incredibly fast. It was probably that cool burst of energy the intake of alcohol was giving him. He drove so fast, that we got into town about two hours faster than planned. 

About half-way into the drive we stopped for a bathroom/drink break. So that was at like two in the morning, I'm not sure how I made it off the bus, let alone back on. There wasn't much sleeping done after that break, because some new passengers joined us- cockroaches. Yes, they were everywhere, and poor Amy had a little panic attack every time the bus slowed down and they came closer to her arm on the window sill. 

Needless to say we were exhausted upon our arrival. After a not-so-but-really-should've-been-quick cab ride to the hostel (nom chit, nom chit, nom chit) we quickly changed and headed to church. It is always so fun to go to the different meetings in each new place I visit. Luckily this was an English ward, so I was able to understand it all. Barely.

In front of the church gates.

Seeing as we had absolutely no plan of what to do, we asked the members of the ward. They all suggested the Temple of Dawn. So that's exactly where we headed. It was giant and ancient, and I really enjoyed it.



We walked around and fell even more in love with the architecture.

We knew we wanted to see the floating market, and the cab driver took us to a floating market. But not THE floating market, the one in all the pictures. But it was still cool. Each boat serves as a little restaurant. 

Our final destination of the day was the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This place was giant. I've been to some pretty large markets in other parts of Asia, but this beats all. There were inside stores, and outside stores, and people selling things on blankets, and on carts. There were rings, and clothes, and shoes, and food, and drinks, and phone cases, and movies, and literally everything and anything else you can think of. It went on for blocks and blocks. We could not find our way out! We were not planning on staying for the hours that we did, and we did not want to spend too much money. We stuck to that last part of our plan. I did have to make an exception when I came across a Yoda ring. Yeah, you read that right.

We were so exhausted I don't even think we ate dinner. We were in bed and asleep by nine, and I was getting ready for my last day in Thailand.


  1. I will miss your blog once you leave. Blog as much as you can before you leave!!!!!

  2. Amazing pictures... I can't believe the cockroaches on the bus, I would have had a panic attack too ;)