Tuesday, October 16, 2012

High Infidelity

My last morning in Bangkok was a quick one, full of last minute sight seeing. We started off the day the way we should've started the first day. There is a water taxi that will take you along the river to each major tourist venue. It's Bangkok's version of a hop-on hop-off tour. My lesson from Bangkok: use this to see the sights. 

We made our way to the Grand Palace, which was the main advice from my dad on where to go.

And it was beautiful, and unlike things I had seen before.

Em and I in our rented modest clothes.

Gorgeous right?
We hurried back to the hostel so I could grab my backpack and head to the airport to make my way home, via Hong Kong, 15-hour layover in Taiwan, and finally a quick breeze through customs in L.A.

Peace out Asia. See ya next time.

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