Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fix You

On Thursday morning after breakfast we were taken to the train station and boarded a private train ride to Dublin. The ride was beautiful, but rainy. But I couldn't wait to get to Dublin, I love new cities.

After arriving in Dublin we had some time to go find lunch, reminder- we need to make sure to eat before we are starving and fighting over what sounded good. After lunch they were doing some little walking tours around the area of the city in which we were staying. So obviously, we took advantage of those.

That corner building is where James Joyce lived, if you haven't heard of him, I can give you a very well written paper on some of his stories (I had to rewrite it, twice)

I loved the incorporation of shamrocks everywhere

One of my favorite things was the use of Georgian doors all over the city. Each was a different bright color, with different designs in the windows above. It made each of these identical buildings seem so different.

There were a few of us who were rather smitten with the Bank of Ireland building.

I don't know why I love European cities so much. But I mean, doesn't everyone?

A business that my dad's company buys product from takes their clients on a few (very nice) trips every year. They stay in very, very nice hotels (a lot different from my personal travels, that's for sure) and feed us very nice food, and take us on very nice tours. My mom was really nice and gave me her spot on the trip- BEST MOM EVER! After the tour, and shopping (yes, more shopping) the group had a dinner at the hotel, where some leprechauns performed for us.

Just kidding, they weren't leprechauns, but they were Irish. I was glad to get that bit of the culture in the trip, although, it would have been cooler had we been in a pub.

Dublin was quickly added to my list of favorites. But who are we kidding? Everywhere I go becomes my "new favorite place."

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