Saturday, June 23, 2012


We leave Hualien tomorrow. Since when was it my last night here? I can't believe it. We've been busy, busy, busy getting everything in we could. Here's the deal:

Last dinner with the Sisters

Last class

Ashley's parents got here on Friday, with plenty of American candy

Good-bye songs

Getting in some last-minute playing time.

Getting our free juices from our juice people

Last fried rice (I'm quite upset)

Dragon boat races

A view of Hualien

Aboriginal dancing, maybe I was forced on stage to dance...

The evening ended with Yuling sharing her massage skills
I can't believe how quick these six months have gone. But I have loved nearly every minute of them. I am so glad I got the chance to come and do this. There are memories I have made here that I will think of often. I'm so lucky.

Next stop: A night in Taipei, and then off to Hong Kong!

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  1. Living the dream! Even if it does involve changing your shirt three times in 10 minutes and flying cockroaches. But I just want to meet your elephant already. Blog header revamp July 6th? Excellent.