Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everything About You

     To say this week hasn't been rough would not be honest. It all started Sunday night when I got some sort of flu bug, so most of the night was spent emptying the contents of my stomach. Good start, huh? This meant that I slept seriously all day long Monday.
     Last week during a very large thunder storm, something happened to the wireless in our apartment, so now if we want to use the internet we have to come into the kitchen and plug into the modem. It's actually not too bad, except for that we can't Skype our boyfriend and watch Downton Abbey at the same time. (Take a lucky guess to which one I can be found doing...) And then when I do get on the internet, I somehow always end up watching One Direction interviews while completely forgetting what I actually needed to do. Like plan school.
     It has been hot. Like, really hot. The hot makes me want to do nothing. It's too hot to eat (plus there was also that flu thing). It's too hot to sleep. It's too hot to sit with my computer on my lap watching the latest British boy band. It's too hot to think. The only thing I can seem to manage is drinking a large amount of water.
     I suffer from a terrible thing called travel envy. Even though I am currently some place really cool, I still get jealous when I hear of other people's cool trips. Like my sisters for example. Kaitlyn has been in Europe for the last three weeks doing a study abroad, and has reached her last leg, which includes playing all over Italy for 9 days. My mother and Maddy just landed in Germany after a little stop in Amsterdam, and will have a little adventure there for 9 days. So as I sit here sweating almost to death looking at Kaitlyn's friend's pictures (Kaitlyn hasn't blogged about Italy yet) I am openly jealous. It looks amazing.

*Maybe I'm still bitter about last year's tragedy.
*Maybe there was some slight exaggeration due to the overwhelming humid hotness I currently reside in.
*Maybe I'm about ready to come home.


  1. Watching One Direction videos is good way to procrastinate. I wish I had thought of that!! I love them. :)

  2. I think me and you should have been friends a long time ago. I keep telling Kaitlyn to blog, but homegirl falls asleep early. lol We are being fed WAY too well, i swear right when we get done eating a huge bowl of pasta, the mom has another meal already on the stove.. which includes none other than pasta:D the carb intake is a little ridic. But I have travel envy for your trip. Me, you, and kaitlyn all should do a trip together!