Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Elephant Gun

Sometimes you are forced into situations where you have to make new friends. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to make such awesome friends like the girls I have met here. Sometimes, you get to go to awesome places with them like Kenting. And sometimes, I will share pictures of my weekend with you. This is how to have the most perfect weekend. Give or take a few details.

Upon arrival in Kenting, and after finding food, you must run down to the beach at 11 pm to watch the fireworks.

After sleeping in, you must go to the beach and soak up all the sun and beauty.

And then you must have a photo shoot on the rock near the water's edge.

Between the beach and dinner you must go on a little walk in the national park and avoid being eaten by a wild boar, like so.

Then you find a little hidden beach, and there you must practice your modeling skills...but don't put those photos on the internet.

Then you get a delicious thin crust pizza from this pizza truck. But every time you go to the main street you will be too busy eating all the food you can find to take any other pictures of it.

On the second day of your trip you must rent some scooters to drive down the coast. Stop at this big rock. Apparently it's a "must see."

After the giant rock, keep riding the scooters down and go to this park place thing, you will walk through some cool forests.

You will come out at this beautiful beach plank walk.

Obviously, you must take pictures like the Asians do.

After returning the scooters and getting more food to eat, you should make your way down to the beach to watch the sunset. Pictures won't do it justice though.

On your last day go to the beach for a few more hours, then pack up and make the long journey home. But beware, the sunburn will be a little painful.


  1. I like this blog post. I love what you are doing with your life. Two things:

    1) Only looking at the legs in the pictures, I know which one is you. Hahaha.
    2) You are looking grrrrreat. Just thought you should know :)

  2. Girl, you're rockin that headwrap/scarf/band thing. I love it. and I miss you.