Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

So maybe I have a crush on one of my history professors. And so does my friend Sara maybe.

We had a paper due yesterday about The Return of Martin Guerre. The real Martin Guerre left his family, and after 12 years, who they thought was Martin Guerre returned. But it really wasn't, it was an impostor. So obviously, the title of my paper was "Will the Real Martin Guerre Please Stand Up."

So I go to class, sit by Sara in the third row. (I have never sat that close, her crush is bigger than mine) The T.A. asks us to turn our papers in, she hands me hers, the title you may ask, "Will the Real Martin Guerre Please Stand Up." Seriously. In both of our attempts to woo the teach, we had the same idea. Which made me think, how many other people thinking they were super clever had the same title.

We laughed so hard, I was practically crying, mostly because I really did think I was being so clever, and that my teacher would think I was hilarious and notice me. I guess my original idea was not so original after all.

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