Wednesday, September 21, 2011


  • At the beginning of the semester my editing professor told us how much he liked the textbook we were going to be using, and that he had not yet found a typo. So if anyone found a typo he would bring them a candybar. Guess who got a candy bar yesterday?

  • As you may know, I frequent Taco Tuesday at Cafe Rio. I mean, a taco for a dollar-fitty, pah-lease. So I have this friend that I commonly see at Taco Tuesday, and he never fails to make my Tuesday nights interesting, i.e.: kissing my neck, walking me to each table to everyone that we are dating, walking me around the next week to tell everyone we were then engaged, etc. Well, two weeks ago was no exception. We were standing talking about how apparently I am supposed to be married by now, and he was rubbing my arm and squeezing my back fat. I lost my balance (very common) and to prevent myself from falling, I reached for the chair next to me. As I went for the chair, my hand, most definitely and accidentally, grazed his crotch. It was awkward. Some words were exchanged, the situation grew in awkwardness, and ended with me yelling across all of Cafe Rio to him, "SPENCER! THIS DOES NOT REFLECT UPON MY CHARACTER!" as he walked out the door.