Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sounds Like Hallelujah

Ok. I think it is time to talk about this. I've fallen in love here in Taiwan. I've fallen in love with banana mango juice. Every night for dinner we go down the street to the night market. This night market is known for it's different fruit juices. Each one blended fresh right in front of you. A few weeks ago I tried the banana mango, and I think I've gotten one at the market every time since.

I'm obsessed. I seriously think about it all the time. Last night, when I walked up, the cute pregnant lady (my new best friend) just pointed to the big cup and than the smaller cup. It's like she knows me or something.

When we were in Kenting, I thought about it more than twice. I think that as we were watching the sunset I even said, "This would be a tiny bit more awesome if I had that banana mango juice to sip on."

What is going to happen when I leave? Do they have a rehabilitation center for that?

Also, I feel the need to explain that Wednesday was our 2 month mark of being here....not some anniversary of something else. Just to clear the air. Sorry I just made this post all awkward. To make it less awkward, I will now post of picture of the juice. And then I will probably throw on my rain jacket and go get my daily dose of heaven. I should also say that the picture was taken at the fried rice place, that we've hit up just as many times as the juice bar this week...meaning everyday. It's just so good.

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