Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Vogue Diaries


Oh, I guess I did make it there.

They're in a gang.


This is the "Kamille smile"

I call this the "over achiever" picture. Look at all those cords and medals.

I just think the whole world needs to see this picture, my dad claims he "carried" Tanner through high school...whatever, pretty sure Tanner handled high school just fine on his own (cough cough 35 on the ACT cough cough).

You can see where we got our good looks, obviously.

I was sad I had to miss this huge night in her life, but I made up for it by purchasing an awesome Royal Wedding satchel. These were some of the better moments they caught.
Congrats Kait!

Then the lucky duck jetted off to Greece for a week.

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