Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like a G6

This last week I was in Lake Powell with my family, my dad's friends from high school, and their families. It is always fun to see how my dad, his friends, and all their wives all act. They wake up at the crack of dawn to go skiing (while the water is still good), and they don't invite us. They are always on the go, and when they spot us sitting in the sun reading a good book, they always ask "Why?" and preceed to tell us to go do something. There is always laughter, hilarious stories of the past, and finding joy in the moment. Oddly enough, times spent with my friends remind me exactly of this...and I love it. Maybe one day my family and the families of my friends can all go hang out for a week, while having a blast of course. Duh.

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  1. wait kamille are you back from africa???? what the? when did that happen? text me