Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is Eve. Eve is mulalu. Mulalu means crazy. This mulalu was our cook.

A couple weeks I went out to use the back toilet and she told me to have a good trip to Australia. Apparently, the back toilet is named Australia. So I played along and when I walked out I said "I'm back!" which Eve and the other cook Rosette thought was hilarious. And we continued to tease and play around with each other. Eve was wearing two necklaces that night, so I commented on the paper bead one, because I knew she had made it, and I knew that because I helped out at a jewelery place her and some other ladies work at. She took it off and put it around my neck. I started doing goofy model poses for them, and then took the necklace off to give it back to her.
She said, "No, no, no, it is a gift." I asked her if she was serious, she gave me that Eve face of her and said, "Kamillo, I am very serious." I just grabbed her and hugged her. I actually started crying a little, it was so sweet. I love that little crazy lady. I was so touched, and that was when my love for Uganda solidified. Right at that moment, I never wanted to leave Eve. I wanted to babysit her kids, I wanted that baby she is pregnant with to be a little girl, I wanted to stay there and help her with said baby. I wanted her husband to stick around, I wanted her to have a better life. That right there was the moment I had gone to Uganda for. And I am practically depressed to be home, I check like 17 times a day for emails from the people still there, I check all their blogs. But that moment made the six weeks worth it, and I miss it more than I thought possible.

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