Saturday, June 18, 2011


So...remember that one time the one flight out of Uganda was cancelled and I had to stay an extra night and miss my flight to Italy?
And then do you remember how the airlines were stupid and wouldn't help me re-book my flight?
Then remember how the airlines to Italy never wrote anything down and wanted me to pay $800 more, and so I had to cancel my awesome trip to Italy to visit two awesome girls...and I still lost $500 because the first airline wouldn't pay, even though it was their fault?
Remember how I had to travel 37 hours, plus an extra 7 hours in the airport the first time so I could come home....and I kind of don't like it, and would just rather be in Namengo? too.


  1. oh my! awful! So sorry Kamille!!! :(

  2. Totally awful but at least you had an awesome trip to AfRiCa!! Now you'll just have to make another trip to go to Italy... OH YA BABY!