Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Departure for Finland

Kamille FINALLY  received the clear to leave for Finland this


at 11:35.  If anyone has any final words or stories of advice before she hits the field—I'm sure she'd love to get a few last Dear Elder's.  Send them in by noon so she can receive them by this evening.  
Thanks for all your love and support during this hard time!

don't worry Finland... Sisar Clifford is on her way!

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  1. She needs needs needs NEEDS to have this wonderful candy that we get each year at Christmas time. It's pronounced run-sk-lie-zia and it's by far the best candy I've EVER had. Pulla is really good too, it's like cinnamon rolls but a little more dry. Meat patties are also pretty popular as well. MoominTroll land looks so cool too, it's a theme park they have there. Moomin trolls are a huge deal. Wish her luck from the Wilson family!