Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jyvaskyla, FInland

 Some snippets from her last email -

-It looks like Sister Ehlen and I will both be staying in Jyväskylä together for another change.
-One of our investigators informed me yesterday at church that she would like to live in the church because it makes her so happy.
-Another told us that he prays every night, and sometimes when he is bored, and has nothing else to do, he prays.
-Another wouldn't talk to us after church yesterday because she was very into the Book of Mormon, and she also didn't do any homework all weekend because she was too busy reading the Book of Mormon.
-We've got some pretty great investigators...clearly.
-My branch president from the MTC will be leaving in June to be the Kenya Nairobi Mission President.

The weather is really turning into spring here. Although, we did have snow twice last week. But we also had a few days of rain, which makes the snow go away faster. The lakes are starting to melt. Pretty soon there will be green everywhere. I can't wait!

We had a really great lesson this week with a family. They were a referral from another family in the ward who are their neighbors. We had met with them once before, and their potential is incredible. Almost immediately after our first lesson with them (immediately meaning the next morning after an already scheduled lunch appointment) we started fasting for them. We prayed for them deeply, and often. I don't know how much else of anything I thought about all week. We knew that a miracle could happen.

We spent extra time preparing for this lesson on that day, and we were pumped and ready to go. We went in, and really followed the Spirit. Which was so strong, it was hard not to follow it. We talked about the restoration, and eternal families. We testified, we asked truly inspired questions, we did exactly everything we are supposed to in a lesson. We could see the Spirit in their eyes, we knew it was touching them. They had kept their commitments. They had good questions that we were able to answer with the help of the Spirit. But when it came time to extend another commitment, one that we had really thought and prayed about, they said no.

We were upset. But we also had feelings that were stronger than being upset. We knew we had done everything we were supposed to. It is our job to bring the Spirit to the hearts of people. But it is their choice to let it in. We know that one day they will begin to accept it. We did our best to do the Lord's work for them this week. Somewhere down the road I know that they will bring the gospel into their lives--because this church needs a family like theirs. 
I hope everyone has a great week, including myself. 

Love, Sisar Clifford

Monday, April 1, 2013

Change of Address

Hey everyone!

We have decided to combine blogs for all the Clifford Sisters' for their updates and photo's. So for more updates, photo's, addresses, and more we have moved to:

Hopefully you can meet us there!

Thanks for all your love and support! Sisar Clifford would love a letter if you could manage one!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photos from the MTC

The only palm tree on her mission. 
Looking for Justin Bieber

Picking up her Visa in L.A.